#beccaswineswap Installment 3 – White Wine for the Win!!

So, I’m sorry for forcing you all to go through three posts for the entire update, but, in my defence, I was thinking about you all and not requiring you to read through 2000 words in one go.

You’re welcome.

Like I said in the previous post, these women decided to torture me with white wine – my least favourite of all wines (gah!!). I was dreading getting to them and for the most part, my dread was well placed. I was however, PLEASANTLY (me trying to play it cool about a white wine), surprised by one bottle in particular and I am heading to the Old Biscuit Mill tomorrow to purchase a few bottles. Just in time for summer (a girl can hope), and also, thanks to pay day. (Shout out to me for remaining gainfully employed) Let’s get right into it!

Thierry & Guy’s Fat Bastard Chardonnay R75

fat bastard chardonnay
The Hippo Wasn’t a Hit

This bottle disappointed me particularly because I adore the Fat Bastard shiraz and pinotage. I initially thought it was my dislike of white wines that had me screwing up my face buuuuut, nobody enjoyed this. Popsie, the supplier, was with us (thankfully, because feelings). Chardonnay’s are known for their bold personalities and this one is no different. Just not for us. (me).  Funny story though, two mates came through later that night and as it was one’s birthday, we made him chug the almost full bottle, just for kicks. And he was a great sport, so, thank you Roy!!!

Name: Popsie Designation: Pourer-of-wine-back-into-bottles

Final Score: 4/10

Ultimate Fave – Usana Pinot Gris R102

This is the wine that changed my life and the one that will have me schlepping to Woodstock for it on a Saturday morning (Openwine), when I should rightfully be sleeping in. And we have the lovely Mbali to thank for it. The Usana Pinot Gris CHANGED THE GAME Y’ALL!!!! Incidentally, the pinot gris is an offspring of my least favourite red cultivar pinot noir). So laugh at me, with me. It also happens to be the most popular wine in Italy where, according to Usana, it is called a ‘pinot grigio’. I stan. I stan HARD.

Winner of the Whites

Final Score: 8/10

Country Vines -Cape White R40 odd

country vines
Budget Bae

This was Two-Wine-Gabi’s second offering. Also under 50 bucks and an easy drink. The expected stank eyes were given when we heard the price but as underdogs often do, it shook us. Veeeeery light on the palate and sitting close to a sauvignon blanc who had a baby with a chenin, went down easily. When we were done with the official tasting, this finished faster than the chocolate cookies at a kid’s party.

Final Score: 5/10

Durbanville Hills Sparkling Sauvingnon Blanc R80

This was the first MCC we tasted and, (I could be biased because who doesn’t love a good bottle of bubbly?) yes. We like it for the drinking. Igirls beziRight. I love epmhasising that buying bubbles (or any wine) is not about the brand or the price. Familiar brands sometimes don’t measure up in value for money sometimes. So leave your comfort zone and try new things (it helps that the packaging is so pretty) and why not try the Durbanville Hills sparkles?  This sparkling wine has citrus and peachy notes and goes down easier than a spoon full of sugar. Mary Poppins has no idea.

Durbanvill hills sauvignonblanc
Pretty Bubbles

Final Score: 7/10

Swartland Winery Curveé Brut R67

Here we have a problem because I am in love with Swartland‘s curveé brut. Let me backstory you. Two years ago I moved into my apartment and my good friend Nancy brought this along. I’m a sentimental person so I stashed it and planned to drink it on my own in my empty living room on a rainy day. AND WOW. I went hunting for it at my local Tops and I was lucky enough to find it. Since that day, this is my go to MCC. Until recently, it cost me only R60!!! And it is worth every single cent and then some. People thought I was mad when I spoke about it until they tasted it. My brother would send me money to buy him 6 at a time because we couldn’t find it anywhere else. Girls’ Nights? – Swartland. Birthday? -Swartland. Bored? -Swartland. The ultimate was when my friend and colleague was returning to her home country (Trumpland) and we bid her farewell, she filled her refrigerator with the stuff after I put her on. I’m talking bottles and bottles of the stuff. Needless to say, that was a rager of an afternoon.

Swartland curveé brut
Star of the Show

This was the last wine we tasted and after my little intro, the doubting Thomases in the room reared their heads. I was calm and collected because I knew what I was holding. And I was right. (Yes, I’m smug). They were all thoroughly impressed and an easy 8s and 9s were chucked around as scores. I know I sound like I’m being paid to say this- I am not. Go through my Instagram feed for evidence. This sparkling wine is just crisp enough, just dry enough, just citrusy + nutty enough. It’s a really good balanced sparkling wine.

But don’t believe me. Go taste it.

(I’ve only found it at the Tops on Rosemead Avenue Kenilworth in Cape Town and the Ultra Liquors in Wynberg, Cape Town. Also, look on their website to place your orders.

Final Score: 8/10

And that’s that from the first #beccaswineswap!

What started out as an experiment conducted on a whim has turned into something I have big plans for.

And I can’t wait to share the journey with you all.

Usana Pinot Gris
A Love Affair

The Empress xx

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