#beccaswineswap Installment 2: Red Wine Loving

The wine swapping chronicles continue!

I think the things that I love the most about #beccaswineswap are the learning and tasting new wines. But, the added and very welcome laughs and bonding are also happiness-makers. Too often, we let life get in the way and friendships begin to suffer. We fall into the “let’s hang out soon” trap and we never do. Only to make the same commitment again (sincerely) when we bump into each other somewhere after three months have passed, burdened by guilt and wondering where the time has gone. I really welcomed this first go around because I got to cement ties and make new ones.

Okay, enough of the sentimentality.

If you know me (hit the follow button and find me on my social media pages as @empress_becca), you’ll be aware that I am heavily biased towards red wines and will only have white wine if it sparkles (come on) or it’s a really warm period (praying for summer). Even then, I will have something dry and crisp. I am sad to say that my adventurous palate stops at a chenin blanc and bruts when it comes to sparkling wine. The  very first #beccaswineswap was a test for me because for some reason, these women decided they would bring more white than red. So, I had to really get my kicks in early.

Red Wine Tasting

If you recall from my last post, we reviewed Kumusha Wines first, and we all found love at the bottom of those glasses. I just need the stars to align with payday so I can indulge some more. Not all my ladies hate me though, and we went through two other red wines.

Warwick – The First Lady 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon

warwick wine
Old Faithful Warwick

Warwick Wine Estate is a personal go to for dinners at friend’s places, meeting the partner, cooking for mates etc. I love that it’s easy drinking (for most) and it’s an easy to impress with wine. It smells like berries (yay) and has smokey notes and what I think could be pepper? (I should probably start committing to the winemaker’s tasting notes). You can never go wrong with this bottle aaaaaand it doesn’t break bank. It goes for a cool R90ish bucks at any reputable liquor store (win!). So, (to my surprise) the ladies did not like this wine. Three out of six would not ever buy it. One was on the fence. And only two (myself and Wendy, who brought it) enjoyed the heck out of it.

Final Score: 6/10

Imbuko Family Vintners- Shortwood Red Wine (Blend)

The Shortwood red blend is a a child of Imbuko Family Vintners and this was first tasting. Gabi (who needs special mention because while she was a bit tardy, she brought two wines AND snacks) selected this wine because of the memory that accompanies it for her. She first had it with her cousin and each time she has it, it makes her feel warm and fuzzy inside. Testament to the fact that wine is more than just about snootiness and grapes, it’s about a feeling. We found it surprisingly well balanced, easy to drink wine – busting the myth that the only good wine, is expensive wine. Goes for (drum-roll please) R35!! Bought at Blue Bottle Liquors ( Main Road, Claremont, Cape Town)

I polished off what was left of this on my own the next day.

Score: 5/10

Two-Wine- Gabi (follow her on Instagram)


I cannot describe how full my heart has been with the planning of the next #beccaswineswap. I will share the last installment (White wine torture) later this week to make room for the next sharing. And I have already budgeted for more wine glasses so I can have more of you at the table!

All’s Well That Ends With Wine

Love and wine

The Empress xx

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