Songs about the wine

Wine lovers!! Hello from the place that induces lulls in writing. Work. That place is called work. It allows me to exist and pay bills. It also makes it possible for me to drink all the wine. I found myself chasing deadline after deadline and dreaming about sleep and vacations I cannot yet afford so you know, fun. And this is the cycle, I suppose. A period of calm and quiet, followed by hectic times that lend visuals to the the term ‘rat race’. At the height of busy-ness, the only thing that gets me through to the finish line without wanting to set the building on fire (apart from dreaming wine and vacations that is) is music. I have an eclectic taste in music and when I sit at home in my bed after work, watching reruns of Will & Grace, wine class in left hand, I like to explore the internet for music and create playlists. I also enjoy working through other people’s playlists. This often ends in me wanting to hurt someone because there is just so much music but not enough time in the world for me to listen to it all and break down why it deserves all the awards and inclusion in all English lit curricula.

So I decided to curate a mini-playlist with songs about my favourite beverage and you’d be surprised at how long ago people started singing about the grapes. I’m sure when Jesus turned water into wine, a few songs were penned so it’s not at all surprising that we’ve had chart toppers dedicated to wine. Here are some of my favourites.


1. Red Red Wine – UB40

I’m going to be cliché and start with the most obvious choice. Originally a Neil Diamond jam, this song was seared into my brain as a child. Played at every family gathering when the sun started to go down and what I now know to be inebriated adults, started to dance in the lounge after the furniture had been moved to the walls to create dance floor. That also led to the older children stealing unattended bottles and glasses for experimentation purposes. I should probably stop talking about this… More recently though, both UB40 and the song feature on 30 Seconds clue cards and  I’ve had to endure off-key mumble-humming from useless teammates during games nights. I am not a sore loser. I repeat, I am NOT a sore loser.




2. Blue Wine – Nao

I first discovered this British electropop/futuristic/alernatice RnB artist in 2015 via the song Bad Blood. I was transported to an airy place where emotions are painted in vivid colours which sway in to their own rhythm. A rhythm created by her voice, her style, the ease with which taps on your heart with her words. Blue Wine is a song she wrote acknowledging mental illness and that not all days are good, bright and sunny. It’s beautiful, and so are the dance visuals by Opium.




3. Red Wine – Kelly Rowland

I’m a child of my time, truly. I grew up int he era of RnB girl groups and boy bands. A time when matching outfits were a must, where CDs came with lyrics and young children in schools all over Zimbabwe had ‘autobooks’. Let me school you. We would buy or ‘repurpose’ counter books in which we would assign pages to all our friends. On those pages, details about each friend would be filled in. Lyrics from favourite songs would be jotted down and secret pacts would be signed. Mine was eaten by rats in our store room years ago but it was legit. Destiny’s Child was at the peak of their career during my childhood and when Destiny Fulfilled came out, we would cover their songs all the time and I was ALWAYS Kelly. She’s my favourite Child of Destiny and to this day, I cannot get over her face. Her chocolate skin. Her AMAZING voice. The quality of her RnB is so slept on and once you listen to Red Wine, you’ll get it.



4. Champagne Kisses – Jessie Ware

This one is really a no-brainer. I love Champagne. I love Kisses. The end.



5. Wine after Whiskey

No wine + music list would be complete without country singer’s addition. Country music is notorious for epic story telling and alcohol appreciation. This song in particular really doesn’t do wine any favours – it basically calls wine trash next to whiskey. Buuuuuut, its a beautiful love song so it gets to stay. Probably for all those sad days when we stare out of windows into the distance and pretend we’re in music videos. I’m the only one that does that? Oh. Okay…



Bonus track: Yxng Bane feat. Kojo Funds – Fine Wine

To be fair, this song is probably more about a different kind of wine than the type that comes in a bottle, but I think any mention of the word ‘wine’ coupled with Yxng Bane’s healthy beard, chocolate skin and smooth vocals deserves an honourary mention on anybody’s wine list.



Now I’m probably going to spend hours scouring the internet for more wine songs instead of preparing for my employment tomorrow. Wine glass in left hand.


The Empress xx

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