Seven Ways to Wine

Hello wine-lovers!!!

One of the questions I get from wine-curious humans is how to drink the thing. And I get it. Wine has long been advertised as an exclusive beverage to be consumed at impressive ballroom dinners where the the lilting laughs of second wives tinkle and one is blinded by Cartier tie clips (thank you Beyoncé) and other expensive, bejeweled accessories . It has also been pushed as a crutch for stay-at-home moms who have nothing better to do with their afternoons in our favourite prime-time TV sitcoms (Vicky from The War at Home). We can’t forget the single-gal narrative where after another failed blind date, Susan cracks open a bottle at 10pm and prepared to be barely functional at work the next morning because, well, hangovers (Penny from The Big Bang Theory).

As TV evolved, so did the position of wine on our screens. We began to see the trendiest New-Yorkers sharing glasses on hipster-friendly rooftops or in their rent-controlled apartments (I have no idea what this means but Carrie Bradshaw’s spot was rent controlled. Before Big and the big move). The face of a wine-drinker began to change and soon enough, faces that looked like mine had a healthy set of wine glasses and consumed wine for fun. I distinctly remember walking around our lounge holding a tumbler pretending to be part of the Girlfriends cast. Joan and Maya and crew were my squad and I aspired to be them, plus the wine. I may have even romanticised the relationship drama.

Wine is no longer only served in stemmed crystal glassware and I can guarantee that it still tastes the same in a bottle, (just ask Crackling connoisseurs) or in plastic cups at varsity house parties. It not only brings together the perfect meal, but it also ties up the best memories (I cannot guarantee that you will remember the memories so take pictures, just in case).

So, in celebration of the versatility of wine, I’ve listed seven of my favourite ways to consume my favourite beverage below. I hope the list inspires you to go out there and be innovative in your wine drinking!

  1. All by yourself (with a book)
wine book
An amazing read by an amazing woman


2. Outside (preferably with views)

wine outside
Balcony Views

      3. In bed (yes, I am brave to mix red with white bedding)

wine in bed
The Wolftrap Syrah is a staple

       4. With friends (games night will never be the same again)

with friends
Cannot gush enough about this wine!!

      5. With your favourite human (the bed theme is strong)

his and hers
“The way to a woman’s heart is via a wine glass” – A wise man

        6. In an art gallery

@youngblood_ct on Instagram


  7. My utmost favourite way to consume wine is with good food surrounded by  friends.

     Because good things are meant to be shared!!

wine n food2
Image captured by @atarahrohi on Instagram


Happy wine drinking wine-lovers!


The Empress xx

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