Queen B Spritzer – That Royal Buzz

Greetings fellow wine lovers!!

I have a new kid on he block that I’d like you guys to meet. So, whilst I am a ginormous red wine fan, I am generally partial to ALL things wine related and one of my favourite indulgences are bubbles (champagne, MCC, anything adjacent). I really like bubbles. Expensive bubbles, cheap bubbles, FREE BUBBLES, bubbles whose names I can’t pronounce (one day we’ll talk about how that champagne Somizi enjoys is pronounced). Any time I get the opportunity to break out the champagne flutes is a good time, if you don’t believe me, ask my mates.

Before I do the grand unveiling, I’ll tell you how I first encountered this lovely lady. My cousin hosts brunches for ladies who like to brunch (raises both hands), and on two occasions, this fabulous darling was sponsor and I took an instant liking to her, so when I got the chance to go to the place she is made, I jumped. A few months ago, a good friend won a trip for two to the Mountain Ridge Wine Estate (Off the R303 between Worcester and Ceres, South Africa. De Liefde Road, Wolseley). Of course, I,  being the lovely, kind, thoughtful (insert other self praising adjectives) friend that I am, got to be her plus one. We set off on a Saturday morning on what I thought would be a 30 minute drive but turned into an hour’s drive (I’m not a patient traveler, especially if there’s wine to be had at the end of the journey).

Totally worth it.

Meet Queen B. The only wine spritzer you’re ever going to need in your life (bet).

Queen B 1

So, she is not an MCC but, she definitely deserves a spot on your list of bubbles and space in your refrigerator. Queen B is a rosé wine spritzer crafted from premium wine grapes in Breedekloof in the Western Cape. Besides the fact that the packaging is gorgeous – black and gold without too much fuss, the blush of the spritzer gives it an understated elegance. It has no artificial colourants or flavourants. Everything in the petite 275ml bottle is natural (in case you were wondering). The winemaker suggests that you serve Queen B chilled (quarter to ice cold is where you want to be) and get this, you serve it in a champagne flute!!! (I cannot express how much I enjoy consuming things served in champagne flutes.)


The champagne flute is not just for the crazy beautiful aesthetics, but to maintain the fizz, and we all know that charming nose tickle that bubbles give us. The narrow tip of the glass is also where you’ll get the gentle aroma that Queen B carries – light on the nose and mouth, and devoid of the cloying sweetness that characterises a lot of wine spritzers. Although Queen B is not sweet (sorry sugar lovers), it carries so much flavour that you’ll forget you were looking for a sugar rush. And for all of you who examine the alcoholic content before subscription, it’s a healthy 6%.

Verdict: I’m an addict. I can easily plow through a number of these without palate fatigue.


Where can you find it? At the moment, Queen B is available at select lounges and entertainment venues in Cape Town (Corner Lounge, popular lifestyle space Rands Cape Town), Johannesburg and Durban. Other than these venues, pop into your local Tops at Spar and ask about it!

Also, DM Queen B Spritzer on Facebook and Instagram for more information on where and how to get your hands on some! Don’t forget to hit that follow button so you can follow all new developments.


You can also visit my Instagram page for more images and info on my visit to Mountain Ridge Wine Estate. My next post will be a fun wine tasting featuring a few of their top of the range offerings, so hit the subscription button so you don’t miss a thing!



The Empress

2 thoughts on “Queen B Spritzer – That Royal Buzz”

  1. Hi can You tell me how do I get in contact with Queen B, cause I have never seen it anywhere in my neighbourhood nje. Also I went to tops cresta and they didn’t know what I was talking about….


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