Happy Global Champagne Day!!

Last year this time, I had organised my friends and convinced them to participate in Global Champagne day. I use the the word “organised” loosely because we didn’t know where we wanted to go, or what time. All we knew is that we wanted to sip on something whilst looking like we could afford bottles and bottles of the stuff. We eventually settled on the lobby at the Southern Sun located in the CBD of the Mother City. Capetonians are notorious for no-fuss things and as usual, we were late to start because there is no hurry in Cape Town, and also, we didn’t know what to wear because women. (I am aware of the dangerous stereotype I’m peddling here) Well, all of us except our one friend. Let me tell you a story.


MCC, darling!


A month a so before this, a member of the squad from Johannesburg was in the City for work and we managed to convince him to stay the weekend because, why not? We’ll call him Ad Guy. Ad Guy agreed because well, why not? What we hadn’t told Ad Guy was that we wanted him to meet another friend of ours in whom he’d expressed interest, vocally, on another one of our inebriated outings. (There were some ill-advised voicenotes and/or videochats). We’ll call her Ad Girl. By the time he knew it was a set up, it was too late to make a run for the airport. Fast forward to Champagne Day, Ad Girl is dressed to KILL. None of us were ready. Anyway, the girls hopped into an Uber and met the guys in the elegant lobby of the hotel, where the bar’s seating area gives you the perfect perch to do some intense people-watching (I am an Olympic level people-watcher). I swear I saw Ad Guy’s jaw hit the floor as we walked in. To be fair, myself and the third musketeer looked like her rushed body guards because wow.


Clink Clink!!


What we did not know however, was that the boys had started on the bubbles and were quarter to incapacitated when we arrived. It was a glorious mess. Ad Guy could only giggle at Ad Girl and Ad Girl was annoyed with his chaperone because he had allowed the state of affairs to take place. Long story short, we jumped on the bottomless bubbles and conducted an impromptu photo shoot because hotel lighting is unparalleled. (Can I get an Amen?) A night we had planned to end at 4am after some intense night-on-the-towning ended with sore abs from all the laughter and us in bed before midnight because, well, bubbles. And I couldn’t have been more happy to have spent it with people I love and who share my love for bubbles because we all know, it’s not about the wine, it’s about who you clink the wine glasses with. So this Global Champagne Day, organise your squad, dress up, and go have some champagne (or MCC because let’s face it, champagne is expensive abeg).


Roundhouse bubbles
Happy Champagne Day!!


So tonight, we’ll probably make a beeline for the  Southern Sun for  more bubbles because memories and of course, champagne, darling!


The Empress xx



P.S. If you’re looking for somewhere to sip sip, here are some spots that are making celebration easier for you, and some are even making it a weekend thing so, yay!!

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