#beccaswineswap – We Wine and We Learn!!

Wine Lovers!!!!

The nostalgia has not left this body and it seems like the more time passes, the more I yearn for my flat. It could also be that I haven’t left the house without a sweater in months and I’m beginning to feel whatever sun I absorbed during summer, leave my body and I’m not sure I’m going to make it.

This week has however, been an incredible one for pick-me-ups. September is my birthday month and for some reason (probably that I am a lovely person and deserving of nice things), good stuff has been happening to me. On Monday, Fave Human sent a bright red, corny AF balloon to my office to remind me that he loves me. The office is officially jealous of both my youth and my relationshipping. This is good. Mostly because that’s all I have going for me right now. That and the pretty manicure I got on Saturday as part of my “get over your old apartment” treatment. (It didn’t work).

On Tuesday, a friend of mine called me up and gave me two tickets to Soul Fest, and I got to watch SWV, Dru Hill (yes, Sisqo’s hair was blonde) and TLC perform live. Our seats were EXCEPTIONAL. It must be because Virgo Season is a thing. To top the already brightening week, my dad landed in Cape Town yesterday and we had the time of our lives shopping (with his money of course). The only downside was sipping my mandatory glass of wine from and opaque coffee mug.

At my big age.

Anyway, let’s get onto the rest of the wines we tasted at the last #beccaswineswap!

Blaauwklippen 2014 Shiraz – R65

The Wine that Only Will Loved


Okay. Okay. Okay. I really enjoy Blaauwklippen blends (hit up my Instagram for some of my faves). Which is the primary reason for this pick. I also enjoy a good shiraz, so this bottle was a no brainer. I unfortunately did not enjoy this wine at all. I didn’t experience the kick I normally do with a shiraz nor the familiar dark berry/spice mix. The wine also had an unpleasant aftertaste (I’m definitely going to get another just to make sure, because my heart is not coping). And the table agreed. Everyone but my friend Will (go check him out), actually said they would drink it again and perhaps even purchase it. To be fair, Will walked in with two quarts of Heineken and was fresh from the gym so, he can’t be trusted. He even offered to take the remainder home. That didn’t happen because we ran out of wine at some point and needed to drink something.

So yeah.

Final Score: 4/10

Simonsvlei Cabernet Sauvignon R67

Abo’s Winning WIne

My Friend Abongile whom I’ve known since varsity (we have come a long way children) came all the way through. To be fair, this visit was long over due as I owed him sundowners on my balcony from long ago. (bad Becca). Anyway, he showed up and brought the night’s favourite wine, a Simonsvlei Cabernet Sauvignon. I believe that you shouldn’t have to struggle with a wine and this bottle embodies exactly that – easy drinking. The wine is medium bodied and the tasting notes indicate mint and cigar notes on the nose. I’m not gonna lie, didn’t pick up on the mint, but this baby went down. Everyone would drink it again and throw their coins at the shop for some, so yay!

Final Score: 8/10


I feel like I’m on a mission to make everyone enjoy my favourite bubbles, so of course, I had to throw in a bottle of the gem that it the Swartland Cuveé Brut. Should have made it two, because throats were open and it disappeared faster than I popped it. (that’s all I’m saying). Anyway, I think I shall make sure that everyone who comes to a #beccaswineswap gets to taste this until we have a little army of believers.

Love of My Life



As the night wound down, and I looked around at the space that had been my home for almost two years, one overwhelming feeling is the understanding that nothing lasts forever. That one should seek to make the most of all the time one has and drink all the wine one is saving for a potential cellar. So my excited self opened a bottle of Kumusha Wines’ red blend. I felt no remorse after everyone had a sip and someone asked why we weren’t reviewing this one.

kumusha red
This isn’t from this night because we were too far gone to remember to snap. But this is her!

I think Kumusha (which means ‘home’ in chiShona), was a symbolic finisher. Reminding us that home is a special place and that even as we move around, the essence of feeling at home is in the people, the memories and the wine that we share in our spaces.Wherever I end up, I will always shave my humans around me creating warmth and spreading love. So, I’ll be okay.

Love and a few Boxes



The Empress xx

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