#beccaswineswap Installment 1: Kumusha Wines – 10s all round

So, I did a really cool thing.

I’ve found that amongst my friends at least, often, we only buy the wine we know. This is absolutely fine and in line with the age old adage of “if it ain’t broke, why fix it”. But when it comes to wine, having one old faithful really isn’t doing yourself any favours. There is just too much wine out there for you to have muscle memory when reaching for your favourite bottle in the store, come rain come shine. So, I conducted an experiment which required my girls to come over to my house for a wine tasting, and entry was contingent on a bottle of wine.

And the girls came all the way through!

Views from my balcony

I set up a mini wine tasting station with the intention of us tasting wines we’d normally not buy. This way, we all get to experience something different and hopefully, fall in love with a different wine, thus broadening our palates and our wine options. The ladies walked away with some new favourites and myself, who isn’t a white wine lover, even picked up a new friend of the white variety!! So wins all round. The original idea had been a two hour thing, but of course with friends and good wine, it turned into a fantastic evening of new friends, new wines and a dope new guacamole recipe thanks to my sister. The evening was much too eventful for me to summarise it in one post so look out for another post with the rest of the wine scores!


wines wineswap
The Wine selection


I Stan.

Let me tell you a little about this boutique wine and the creator. Tinashe Nyamudoka is a fellow Zimbabwean living in Cape Town who happens to be the head sommelier at the world renown restaurant, (drumroll) The Test Kitchen. Not to brag, but I know someone who works at the only African Restaurant to make the list of the world’s 50 best restaurants . And he gets to work with wine. The Test Kitchen also happens to be the best culinary experience in Africa. His love for wine and his home country gave birth to Kumusha Wines. Kumusha means “home” in his mother tongue, chiShona, which is one of Zimbabwe’s official languages.

One of my ladies arrived early (because the others were operating on African time) and she had some of the chilled bottle I had left from the night before (because I didn’t want to suffer the next day) and even chilled, it was a hit. After decanting and pouring for all the ladies, a score of TEN all the way around was given. I have to stress that I’m not a wine expert but my mouth exploded with the flavours in this blend. She’s a cinsaut/cabernet sauvignon blend with a beautiful aroma. While she’s definitely for easy drinking – if you aren’t a fan of bold flavours, this is right up your alley, she’s clearly a complex lady. She’s a with a medium bodied wine and yet you pause with every sip for appreciation. I could be biased, but 5 other ladies gave the nod so, don’t believe me, believe the panel.

The funny thing is, when asked about what he wants for people to think of his wine, Tinashe simply says “I want you to enjoy it”.

And enjoy it we did.

Me and My Kumusha

For more information on the wine, hit the links above and give Tinashe a shout. He’s a quick responder and always ready to chat about his brainchild. It is also available at Openwine – a boutique wine store at the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town.

Stay tuned for more on the first ever #beccaswineswap and head on over to my Instagram for updates and keep your eyes open for new IGTV posts. Don’t forget to Like and follow!

The Empress xx

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