#Beccaswineswap: Hellos and Goodbyes

Hello WineLovers!!

Apologies for the silence last week, life came at me hard and fast and barely left me any time to breathe. Some of you may know that I moved out of my favourite apartment this past Friday and I’m not coping (send wine).

So, last week was filled me frantically packing and throwing things away and doing ridiculous amounts of laundry. There were also a lot of moments where I sat on the floor and thought of the insane memories I had made within those walls and how much stripping them and packing made me feel like I was regressing. Going back to a place of anxiety and uncertainty.

I love hosting my friends in my space and as a final gesture of love to a place that gave me sanity, refuge and many private moments that will remain seared in my mind for time, I hosted the last #beccaswineswap in my loft and felt all the love. It was held on a Wednesday and the initial idea was a quiet in-and-out, but as the first one showed, there will never be an in-and-out vibe about #beccaswineswap. I can’t imagine a better way to say goodbye that wine, banter and laughter in a place that represents that for so many of my people.

Douglas Green Natural Sweet Red – R44

Craig’s Sugar Rush

So. Craig and I having a running joke about how he has this ridiculously sweet tooth when it comes to wine. He calls anything that isn’t sweet ‘isihaqa‘ which is wild garlic in my mother tongue – isiNdebele. Craig is exactly the kind of person I want to address with this movement – one who drinks the wine he likes because he likes and it and doesn’t give two hoots about what anybody thinks. And he’s so unapologetic about it, so of course when I said come through, he brought a sweet red wine.

To his credit, it was a reasonably good one. Douglas Green was a hit with everyone except me because sugar and I in wine, are not in the same WhatsApp group. To be fair, it didn’t hit my throat with that sickly sweet taste a lot of natural sweet reds do so, credit where credit is due. Out of 7 people, 5 said they would drink it again and the same 5 would spend their hard earned money on it. Me, myself, personally, would not. I did enjoy it better after it was chilled though, so there’s that. Also, it’s priced just right!

Final Score: 7/10

Odd Bins 530 at Checkers – 2017 Merlot – R50

Luba's Odd Bin Beauty
Luba’s Odd Bins Beauty


This was my personal favourite pick of the night. Checkers (a local supermarket group) does this really neat thing where they take usually expensive and inaccessible (to the average Jane)  wines and make them available to consumers at a fraction of the price. They source limited amounts of certain vintages from famous wine estates and after careful selection m=by experts, the best are given a unique Odd Bins number and sold at Checkers stores across the country for really pocket friendly prices. Once the Bin is sold out, that’s it, on to a new batch. It makes for really adventurous wine drinking. Anyway, Luba came with a fantastic merlot guys. I would sell a few shoes to find out what estate the wine originates from but because that’ll never happen, I’ll be heading to Checkers soon. It’s a nice, smooth merlot with a gentle finish.

Even Craig liked it and that’s saying something! Everyone agreed that they would drop their coins for this bottle.

Final Score: 7/10

KWV’s Laborie Chardonnay – R64

The Only White Wine

Thank goodness this was the only white wine brought out for the evening because it is no secret that white wine and I rarely get along. I get along even less swimmingly with chardonnays. When Cammy brought the Laborie out, everything in me cringed buuuut, after falling in love with one of the white wines from the first #beccaswineswap, I went in with a more open mind than I normally would have.

The one very obvious element was the apple which helped make it more palatable for me. Chilled, I could drink it, but I wouldn’t purchase it (my personal bias). These humans I drank with also loved it (I’m convinced they are just generous givers) and it received a favourable score.

Final Score: 7/10


I still haven’t let go of my spot and I have yet to change my ‘home address’ on my Uber and Taxify, and I fear I may autopilot myself there after work one of these days. But baby steps, right. I’ll drop the second half of the nostalgic #beccaswineswap later this week and hopefully, I’ll feel less lost and a little more settled.

Red Wine Memory


Until then, more wine & more love.

The Empress xx

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