BECCA’S WINE SWAP: 2018 – 2019

One of my favourite sounds is the dull ‘pop’ of a cork coming out of the top of a wine bottle. Another is the ‘glug glug’ of wine leaving a bottle into a glass that I will most likely demolish with all the gusto. Because of my love for wine, I have decided to dedicate a section of my blog to my wine escapades – a lot of which involve wine that I have been gifted, saved for, stolen from friends, consumed at people’s houses or at restaurants. I love good wine. I am however, not the millionaire I plan to be yet, so here, I will detail where I got the wine, how much it cost, the occasion, and how it tasted. Perhaps I’ll even tell you how drunk it got me, if I can remember.

I think that one thing that is universal about new and younger wine drinkers, is the desire to drink wine without feeling pretentious. Too often, wine experts (both legit and wannabe) tell us that you can’t drink chilled red wine, or not to drop ice in your white wine, or that chicken and red wine cannot be paired etc. I learnt wine quite by accident and so many sommeliers and other wine aficionados say that the best way to enjoy wine, is the way YOU like it. I want to help demystify wine with this project, to encourage regular folk to indulge in a liquid art that has too long been gate-kept by the fancy pants who know everything.

I’d love for this page to be an extension of who I am – funny and reflective, but also to be informative.

So, please hit the comment section, contact me or dm me on any of my social media pages regarding things you’d like me to cover. And if you’re simply looking for wine inspo, visit my Instagram page

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xx The Empress

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